Gregory’s Coffee

40 Broadway, New York
Gregory's Coffee

The espresso landscape in the Financial District is quite depressing. Luckily, Gregory’s Coffee took the bold initiative to open a new location a few steps from the Charging Bull. 

Gregory’s espresso is ideal for an intra-day recharge of caffeine. Lightly bitter, moderately strong and with nutty flavor, this espresso is one of the few worth of mention in the Financial District.


A week with Sandy – Day 3

Washingon Square, Wednesday October 31st

It is now clear that the power won’t come for a few days. After a day of panic, spent looking for a power plug for their smartphones, New Yorkers adopted new habits and daily routines. NYU gave open access to the Bobst Library facilities. A community of families, students and workers without office space started gathering there.



A week with Sandy – Between Day 1 and 2

NoHo, Monday 29th / Tuesday 30th October

The streets are empty and the lights are gone. Downtown Manhattan lost power and Broadway became Main Street of a ghost town. Every couple of minutes the flashing lights of the NYPD cars give some relief from the darkness. It feels like a catastrophic movie with the only difference that we didn’t pay a ticket to get into the theater: we will have to pay to get out of it.


Entropy in the City: Broadway

Broadway, Financial District, New York, NY

Broadway reminds you that Manhattan is a little bit older than you think. Broadway’s original name is Wickquasgeck Trail: an Indian trail used by the natives to cross the island.

Broadway reminds you that nothing is perfect. The rational grid that extends from Houston Street up to Central Park is continuously broken by this absurdly diagonal street.

Broadway reminds you that squares – more than streets and avenues – are vital for the social life of a city. At each intersection with Broadway, an avenue turns into a square and social life blossoms: sit-ins and farmers’ market in Union Square, shopping malls at Herald Square, amazing lights and endless herds of tourists in Times Square.

Broadway reminds you that the entropy in the city is constantly increasing.