Schnitzel @ Loreley

7 Rivington Street, New York, NY

Loreley's Schnitzel

Loreley is a great place where to spend an evening with friends, enjoying food from the German tradition. The menu offers a wide choice of wurst, schnitzel and other typical dishes like spätzle. As you would expect there is a wide choice of draft beers that can satisfy everyone’s preferences.

The classic Wiener schnitzle is a can’t miss: the pork escalope is incredibly tender and the thin layer of bread on its surface shows an attractive golden color. Any excess of oil that would make this dish quite heavy – or heavier than normal, actually – was removed from the breaded surface, further exalting the texture contrast between the layer fried bread and the tender meat in the inside.

Even though the dish comes with fries, the most appropriate side for this Wiener schnitzel is a generous portion of Loreley’s mashed potatoes: they are made with real potatoes and are fluffy like whipped cream.


Burger @ Bareburger

535 Laguardia Pl (between Bleecker St & 3rd St), New York

Bareburger offers endless combinations to create your perfect burger. The traditionalists can choose a “Classic” burger with beef patty, pickles and onions on a plain bun. The more adventurous can try different patties – bison and ostrich are recommended – with various ingredients.  Bourboun sauteed onions, bacon and mushroom exalt the flavor of the “Canadian”. A delicious maple glazed bacon is at the heart of “Maple Bacon Cheesebareburger”. In some case the adventure  can become too extreme and perilous. The “Big Blue Bacon” is for the few who appreciate the strong flavor of the melted blue cheese. The combination of smoked mozzarella and pineapple in the “Maui Wowie” seems too bold to even try it (let me know, if you did!).

At Bareburger, everything – bun, veggies and meat – is organic and tasty. It’s up to you to choose the combination the fits your palate and your cravings for proteins, carbs, veggies and cheese. Whatever burger you choose, make sure you also get one of their draft beers or delicious shakes.

Schnitzel sandwich @ Landbrot

185 Orchard Street, New York, NY

Every visit to the Lower East Side represents an opportunity to experience something new, and to travel to new places without leaving Manhattan. The recently opened Landbrot Bakery and Bar brings us to Germany.

The decor is lovely, in its minimal and elegant design. The German rigor and attention to details permeate each aspect of the dish, from presentation to texture and flavor.

The shnitzel sandwich does not try to bring any innovation and this will make you happy: the meat is tender, with a crunchy batter on the outside. The green salad is refreshing and the potato salad on the side is simply addictive.

The roll is the perfect companion for a sandwich. It keeps everything together without getting soggy or being too chewy, as it sadly happens with many rolls in New York.

The house beer is the mandatory drink. If you are still hungry or if you’d like to spend more time in Germany, you could try one of the delicious wursts.