Donut Croissant and Chouquettes @ Mille-Feuille

552 La Guardia Place, New York, NY

Donut Croissant at Mille Feuille

If one day you cannot decide between a donut and croissant, go for both. One of the most recent creations at Mille Feuille is a delicious blend of the two recipes. The typical croissant layers are arranged in donut shape with a crunchy surface and a flaky inside. The soft texture and sweetness of the raspberry jam create a perfect contrast with croissant dough. 

The small size of the donut is probably good for the calories count but it leaves some craving for sweet pastries. This is the moment when chouquettes – small pebbles of soft and moist dough – come at your rescue. They melt in your mouth, releasing a delicate flavor of fresh eggs balanced by the coarse sugar’s crackling bursts of sweetness. It is again a successful and addictive play of contrasts.

Chouquette at Mille Feuille

Pretzel Croissant @ Birdbath – The City Bakery

35 Third Avenue, New York, NY

When pretzel and croissant meet, new forms of culinary pleasure emerge, especially if the meeting takes place at Birdbath Bakery. The surface of this generously sized croissant is crunchy and savory; the inside is soft, buttery and it almost melts in your mouth.

This precious pastry is not made for quick bites: its complex combination of flavors and textures requires patient exploration. One small bite after another.

Croissant @ Mille-Feuille

552 La Guardia Place, New York, NY

There is a place in La Guardia Place where the Greenwich Village becomes “Le Village” and where breakfast become “petit-déjeuner”. In this place you can have croissants that take your senses straight to France.

The contrast between the crisp outside layers and fluffy inside is perfect. Every bit is a celebration of the unique texture and delicious buttery flavor of these pastries.

We will be back to Mille-Feuille to continue improving our French vocabulary. Today’s word was “croissant”; the next words will be “pain-au-chocolat”, “macarons” and “brioche avec saumon et crème fraîche”.


145 Greene Street, New York, NY 

The ceramic cup and dark chocolate treat remind us that in NY there are better coffee experiences than at Starbucks.

Aroma is an Israeli chain with European taste. I like sitting at the bar in front of the windows, watching the city moving on Houston Street. The quality of the espresso is above average but not outstanding. The flavor and texture seem flat, compared to other places completely devoted to coffee.

Nonetheless, the overall experience is good and worth of a review: the service is efficient and polite, the look&feel of the place is modern and pleasant, and – most importantly – the pastries are baked on the premises. The scent of the freshly baked croissants and pan-au-chocolat spreads across the minimal tables, inviting you to enhance the coffee and chocolate experience with a guilty addition of carbs and butter.

It is hard – impossible for me, actually – to resist this temptation.