Simply New York, and what makes this one of the greatest cities in the world: New Yorkers, what do they do and the places surrounding them.

20160605_002- 20151212_004- 20151212_001- Designers' Truck 20150621_001- 20130825_003- 20140816_001- 20140726_025- Total Safety Tribeca Bridge 20140427_003- Welcoming Spring in Washington Square Park Tragic Monday 20140416-085131.jpg From prohibition to exhortation  NYC Urban Scarecrows 3 NYC Urban Scarecrows 2 NYC Urban Scarecrows 1  Happy Valentine! A store for Dudes Innovation in bike security Chrysler on fire Similarity Attraction Cross-selling 101 Saxophone Nirvana Street Art in Nolita Bates Motel on Houston Street New Yorkers have cats in their minds Food truck under the snow Real Cash Only A London day in New York The other skyline


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