Lobster Roll @ Top of the Hub

800 Boylston Street #52  Boston, MA

One of my personal rules for choosing a restaurant states that restaurants in panoramic locations are more likely to provide memorable views than memorable food. There are obviously some exceptions to this rule, and the Top of the Hub is one of these.

The lobster roll is served in warm and delicious bun loaded with lobster, mayo and celery. The lobster is available in quantity and quality; the mayo is light and not overwhelming. The celery should be in smaller amount, however it adds freshness and texture that counterbalance the lobster-mayo combination. The house-made chips are crunchy, flavorful and never enough.

Overall, an outstanding roll that is just a few notches below the lobster roll stardom

If you wonder how the view is, take a look at the picture below.

Lobster Roll @ Ed’s Lobster Bar

222 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 

This is the definition of lobster roll.

The lobster blossoms in generous quantity, with a good blend of different pieces. The sauce is not overwhelming and does its job: keeping the lobster pieces together and providing a layer of delicate flavor. The bread is lightly toasted and gives a pleasant contrast with the tenderness of the lobster.

Handling this big boy is a challenging and rewarding task. Your fingers will get greasy with the lobster meat and with the crunchy fries. That’s not problem: most likely everyone around you is doing the same.