Ice Cream at Big Gay Ice Cream

61 Grove Street, New York, NY


American Globs

Big Gay Ice Cream elevates a traditionally flat and industrial ice cream to a delicious, luscious and luxurious experience.

The “American Globs” is the quintessential representation of this concept. The traditional and rather boring core of vanilla ice-cream is coated with a thick layer of chocolate, sea salt and pretzels. The multitude of contrasts – crunchy and soft texture; sweet and savory flavors; warm and cold temperature – will shock and please your taste buds.

The calories count of the American Globs may easily reach  the high triple digits, however this dietary sin is fully justified by the flavors and by the overall experience.


Cafe Minerva

302 West 4th Street  New York, NY 

Cafe Minerva

The adventurous souls who are not afraid of getting lost, should take the challenge to explore the food and espresso gems hidden in the Daedalic intersections of the West Village.

In some cases – like a well-known and highly overrated white truffle mac and cheese – the scavenger hunt fails, and the similarity with the gems holds only for the price.

In others – like at Minerva’s – the espresso is a precious gem, and the vintage manual press machine decorated with a copper surface is its chest.

The espresso is well balanced, with flavors that range from lightly smoked to chocolate, without being excessively bitter or acidic. This is the ideal coffee for an afternoon break in the West Village.

Cafe Minerva

Focaccia @ Il Cantuccio [CLOSED]

91 Cristopher Street, New York, NY

This white focaccia speaks for itself. I fell almost useless in describing the thick and delicate slice, and the delicious olive oil that covers its crunchy surface. You just have to try it.

I would rather spend some time describing the cozy West Village location. A true bakery, with a courteous service, where they usually offer some of their focaccia and biscotti for tasting. Focaccia is my favorite order here, but you should also try the “cantucci”. These pastries, typical of Tuscany, give the name to the bakery and are prepared daily, with different ingredients, including figs, apricots, chocolate. I find difficult to resist focaccia and cantucci: usually I have to taste them immediately. If you share this compelling need, Il Cantuccio’s backyard offers two tables where you can sit down, relax and escape from the hectic pace of the city.

Jack’s Coffee

138 West 10th Street, New York, NY 

Before getting lost in the unique grid of streets of the West Village, you can stop at Jack’s for a good cup of espresso. The place is tiny and cozy. The scent of coffee captures you from the street and hits your senses as you open the door. The espresso is well balanced, with a robust texture and strong flavor that lasts in your mouth. The complimentary glass of water is always appreciated.