Entropy in the City: Broadway

Broadway, Financial District, New York, NY

Broadway reminds you that Manhattan is a little bit older than you think. Broadway’s original name is Wickquasgeck Trail: an Indian trail used by the natives to cross the island.

Broadway reminds you that nothing is perfect. The rational grid that extends from Houston Street up to Central Park is continuously broken by this absurdly diagonal street.

Broadway reminds you that squares – more than streets and avenues – are vital for the social life of a city. At each intersection with Broadway, an avenue turns into a square and social life blossoms: sit-ins and farmers’ market in Union Square, shopping malls at Herald Square, amazing lights and endless herds of tourists in Times Square.

Broadway reminds you that the entropy in the city is constantly increasing.

Entropy in the City: Brooklyn

On the streets of New York City, the brain is continuously hit by a kaleidoscope of signs, faces, lights, crowds, traffic, trash, shopping windows, infinite products, infinite variations of a single product, new condos, pre-wars, construction yards.
The exploration of this sensory overload – Entropy in the City – started a few years ago, with a jigsaw of streets signs in Brooklyn.