Bar del Conte

Via Marina Bosco, Fano, Italy

Moretta at Bar del Conte
The tasting tour of the Moretta continues (the previous episode can be found here) with another traditional place.
For non-locals, finding this place is not easy: it is between the beach and the harbor, on a street where you would never think of stopping for a good coffee. The place itself, does nothing to capture your attention from the outside. Also, there are not so many reviews online. This is probably because the patrons don’t care about posting reviews: they are too busy enjoying their moretta and their time at this bar.
And they actually have point. The alcoholic mix of the moretta is excellent: strong and not to sweet. The coffee is thick and dense, to the point that the lemon skin remains on top of the layer of foam. 
On a cold humid winter day, after a long walk at the beach and at the harbor, this coffee is what you need to complete your day.
Moretta at Bar del Conte


200 Mott Street, New York, NY 

On a cloudy afternoon, three friends sit at Epistrophy’s communal table. They order three espressos and one glass of Sambuca. The other patrons observe them, as they pour three quarters of the Sambuca glass in the three cups. They just prepared an espresso “corretto” (enhanced).

Sambuca, an Italian liqueur made from elderberries, is sweet and with a licorice aftertaste. It blends perfectly with a good coffee, like the one you can enjoy at Epistrophy.

The espresso “corretto” does not last very long. The remaining Sambuca glass is poured in the empty cups. What a better way to clean them? The proportions are now inverted. It is time to enjoy Sambuca with a hint of a coffee. Drink it slowly: the liqueur is strong, it is raining outside and Nolita looks beautiful from here.

Caffè del Porto

Via Nazario Sauro 20, Fano, Italy

In Fano (Italy), there is a bar where the fishermen used to meet before starting their working day. In this part of Italy, winter days can be cold, foggy and extremely humid. Starting to work at 3am in the morning, the fishermen need to stay awake and warm for long hours. Here is where “moretta” comes into play. In a small glass, a layer of a “secret” alcoholic mix (cognac, rum, anisette… no one will ever tell you the exact recipe) is heated with the steam of the espresso machine. One shot of espresso and a small piece of lemon skin complete the masterpiece. Moretta is the quintessential digestive coffee, a true delight for every occasion (you don’t need to wake up at 3am in the morning to truly enjoy it).