Art in Progress

Nolita, New York.

As the artist patiently paints David Bowie’s face with the lyrics from Fashion and Heroes, I can’t stop thinking whether he chose the paint colors based on his today’s outfit or viceversa.Street Art in Nolita


Orchestra Seat on the Street

Mulberry Street, New York
Bring your own pop-corn and drinks for the next episode of “An ordinary day in NYC”. A comfortable sidewalk seat is already there, waiting for you.


200 Mott Street, New York, NY 

On a cloudy afternoon, three friends sit at Epistrophy’s communal table. They order three espressos and one glass of Sambuca. The other patrons observe them, as they pour three quarters of the Sambuca glass in the three cups. They just prepared an espresso “corretto” (enhanced).

Sambuca, an Italian liqueur made from elderberries, is sweet and with a licorice aftertaste. It blends perfectly with a good coffee, like the one you can enjoy at Epistrophy.

The espresso “corretto” does not last very long. The remaining Sambuca glass is poured in the empty cups. What a better way to clean them? The proportions are now inverted. It is time to enjoy Sambuca with a hint of a coffee. Drink it slowly: the liqueur is strong, it is raining outside and Nolita looks beautiful from here.