Brunch @ Clinton Street Baking Company

4 Clinton St  New York, NY

The recipe for pancakes is relatively simple. As with everything that it is simple to produce, a great deal of art and craftsmanship is needed to make pancakes that truly excel and stand out an overcrowded offering.

The pancakes at the Clinton Street Baking Co. belong to the small and privileged group of ethereal pancakes. The plain pancakes with walnuts and maple syrup are the essential definition of this dish. Every bite is fluffy and almost melts in your mouth, releasing delicate flavors of butter and vanilla.

The pancakes are available also for dinner: a recommended option if you just arrived in New York with a 6 to 12-hour jet lag, or if you simply don’t like standing in the long lines that form in the morning.

And if you really don’t like pancakes, the eggs benedict on a house baked scone will convince you to stop at this great corner of the Lower East Side, where the ingredients are local and no compromises are made on the quality of food.

Pancake at Clinton Street Bakery

Eggs Benedict at Clinton Street Bakery

Brunch Pizza @ Pulino’s [CLOSED]

282 Bowery,  New York, NY 

“[…] Deviation from a dominant theory, opinion, or practice”. This is how the Merriam-Webster dictionary, defines the concept of “heresy”. This was also my initial thought as I saw the pizzas in Pulino’s  brunch menu: heresy!

After ordering the pizza with salmon, potatoes and crème fraîche I was forced to eat my prejudice, together with the eight slices of this interesting interpretation of a traditional recipe.

In this case, pizza is not the main subject. Its crust is thin, properly baked and with a good flavor, resulting from a mix of different flours. However, the crust is only the canvas where thinly sliced salmon, potatoes and onions are masterfully combined. A tiny amount of crème fraîche keeps everything together.

This is my favorite choice at Pulino’s, where I suggest to go only if there are tables available outside or if the inside open space is not too crowded (and noisy).

French Toasts @ Saugerties Lighthouse

Saugerties Lighthouse, Saugerties, NY

The best place for a breakfast in Saugerties is available only to the  lucky guests of the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper should be awarded a galaxy of stars and complete set of forks on the preparation of french toasts and pancakes. The experience is further enhanced by the location. The kitchen of the lighthouse is restored and furnished with original items from the 1930s, bringing you back to a time when this part of the Hudson river was bustling with barges and boats.