NYC Stores – “Mooshoes” or Vegan Shoes in the LES

78 Orchard Street, New York

Walking around Orchard Street and the Lower East Side is always an opportunity for great findings and learning about new products and trends. Mooshoes started selling vegan shoes 4 or 5 years ago, when probably this type of shoes was still labelled as “cruelty free” or “vegetarian”. In the last year or two the branding as evolved to the “vegan” concept and the assortment and quality of shoes has significantly improved. The “vegan” Dr. Martens are probably the most recognizable item, however other smaller European and North American brands are worth a visit to this store. Even for non vegans.


Perfect Pastries at La Portineria

Via Reggio Emilia 22, Rome, Italy

La Portineria is a place where the fruit, chocolate, cream and crust blend in miniature pastries that delight the palate and the eye.

The small size of these pastries and their creative design invite a prolonged exploration of flavors and textures: white chocolate and orange, dark chocolate and raspberries and much much more.

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