233 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 

“Granita” is the only case where it is acceptable to enjoy espresso in a paper or plastic cup.

Vito made the best espresso granita. He was able to compress an incredible amount of caffeine and coffee flavor into a single cup. I don’t know how this was possible. I imagine him in his secret granita lab, shooting ice and coffee against each other, and observing them melting and reshaping in a new type of element: espresso granita. The scientist at the CERN in Geneva, should consult him on how to improve the performance of their particle accelerator.

His granita didn’t need any improvements: it was molecules of iced coffee melting in your mouth. The whipped cream was only unneccessary noise. If you had a cup of that granita in a summer night, you knew that you’d stay awake until the morning of the next day. That was a much better way to stay wake than drinking a can of redbull or other similar drinks.

Even though Grom’s granita does not reach Vito’s heavenly peaks, it is still the closest and best espresso granita experienced in New York (so far). The ice is thinly shaved and blends seamlessly with the espresso. The espresso is too sweet, perhaps a concession to the tourists that line-up at the Bleecker Street location. That’s a pity: the contrast between the whipped cream and the unsweetened espresso can be memorable. I also found some melted granita at the bottom of my cup, probably because it was the end of the day and the granita was not perfectly frozen.