Miniature Desserts @ Sweet Buttons Desserts

84 Rivington Street, New York


Sweet Buttons Desserts cakes, tarts and cup desserts epitomize the traditional motto of the Lower East Side: “L.E.S. is more”. Despite their size, these miniature desserts deliver in a few bites the same experience of their bigger counterparts: XXX-Large dessert pleasure in X-Small size.

Each dessert combines an outstanding level of detail in the presentation with delicious depth of textures and flavors.

The chocolate mousse is fluffy and rich of cocoa notes; the salted dulce de leche tart offers the sweet-salty contrast at every single bite. The panna cotta and the banana custard are also delicious.

The menu has seasonal variations, offering another excuse to come back to the Lower East Side and to these great dessert spot.