Wayside Coffee/ Bar

139 East 12th Street, New York
Wayside Coffee Bar

A newcomer to the East Village that brings a much needed infusion of high quality coffee on East 12th Street. The quality of the espresso is ensured by a combination of Intelligentsia’s beans and barista’s ability in brewing the right amount and density of coffee. The low acidity and nutty flavor make this cup a good choice for an enjoyable afternoon break.


Intelligentsia Coffee

53 East Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 

A trip to Chicago is a good opportunity to visit one of the Intelligentsia’s coffee bars.

While waiting in line to order the espresso, the difference with New York becomes tangible. The customers are not in a hurry, the baristas have a slower pace and the overall pace is less hectic, both in the coffee bar and in the street outside.

When the coffee is ready, after a couple of minutes, the wait is rewarded with a top quality espresso. The texture is thick and velvety, there is no trace of any acid aftertaste: a dose of pure coffee flavor awakens the senses.

A visit to an Intelligentsia Coffee bar is a good excuse for a trip to Chicago.