Cookies @ Levain Bakery

167 West 74th Street & 2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York

Cookies at Levain Bakery

Until now I did not review Levain Bakery’s cookies because I always ate them before being able to take a picture.

This time I was able to snap a picture before diving into the the extreme pleasure of this delicious cookie.

Once you have tried Levain’s cookies, it will be difficult to call “cookies” the other round shaped flat biscuits that you can find at most bakeries, grocery stores and delis.


This cookie is a piece of art, rich in flavors and with complex textures. Each bite is a multi-layered experience that starts with the crunchy surface, and continues in the the softer rich inside. The cookie dough comes directly from a kid’s dream and it beautifully wraps  a generous amount of chocolate chips and walnuts.

The traditional chocolate chip walnut cookie has other friends – dark chocolate, dark chocolate and peanut butter, oatmeal raisin. You should try to make acquaintance with all of them.