Tapas @ Despaña SoHo

408 Broome Street, New York, NY

Finding a reasonably priced and authentic restaurant in SoHo seems an almost impossible endeavor. Until you enter in Despaña SoHo.

The grocery store at the entrance is a mandatory stop for the great chorizo and the ethereal Serrano ham. The ham can be also hand sliced, for a minimum and totally worthy surcharge. Bring this cold cuts at home to nurture the addiction to Spanish food that you will develop after eating at the tapas shop.

As you step into the tapas shop, you will be kidnapped by  wonderful views of croquets, tortillas and bocadillos. The croquetas de bacalao are masterfully breaded and fried, creating a perfect contrast between the crunchy surface and the tender cod on the inside. The traditional tortilla is a good intermezzo before diving into serious fish. The bocadillo de bonito is simply superlative. A generous amount of super tender tuna belly is stuffed into fresh ciabatta bread. Red bell peppers and tomatoes give a fresh note to the sandwich. Kudos for not adding any sauce: the olive oil successfully integrates bonito tuna, bread and vegetables into a memorable bocadillo without covering the flavors of the main ingredients.

Croquetas de Bacalo - Despana

Tortilla at Despana

Bocadillo de Bonito at Despana