A week with Sandy – Day 6

NoHo, Saturday November 3rd

At 4am in the morning on Saturday, the apartment lit up as Christmas tree: power is back! I switch off the lights and while I get back to Morpheus’ world, my neurons start processing what I learnt through this experience:

  • Smartphones with touchscreen, apps and 4G connectivity are cool gadgets for 20 hours; traditional mobile phones with a tiny display,15 keys and GSM connectivity are useful communication tools for 5 consecutive black out days.
  • An old radio powered by batteries is more than a decorative object.
  • Candles can be used to generate light and not only to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • You can get a decent phased shower with 15 cups of water.
  • Flushing the toilet on the sixth floor of a building is a more complex and exhausting task than pushing a button.
  • A power strip can be a tool to build a community and make friends.
  • Even without lights, New York is an amazing a place to be.
  • You can survive without TV, Internet and other media as long as you can share a red wine, memories and ideas with a good friend.


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