Bowery Coffee [CLOSED]

89 East Houston Street, New York, NY
Bowery Coffee opened about a year ago, with a good formula that combines an old-style decor with a careful selection of high quality products. The first time you enter this place, you get the feeling of stepping inside a vintage picture of the Bowery. The brick-exposed walls, the rustic decoration and the essential furniture evoke black-and-white memories of  some documentaries about the “old” New York City. The Counter Culture coffee bags on the shelves, the Marzocco machine at the bar and the Donut Plant’s doughnuts behind the cashier bring you back to the present time, and to the pleasure of a tasty coffee break.
The espresso with its dark and intense flavor is not for the faint of heart. If you are not in the mood for a strong coffee, I suggest to get a macchiato. In both cases you should sit down at one of the few tables and relax for a few minutes while watching the hectic street life between Houston and the Bowery. 

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