145 Greene Street, New York, NY 

The ceramic cup and dark chocolate treat remind us that in NY there are better coffee experiences than at Starbucks.

Aroma is an Israeli chain with European taste. I like sitting at the bar in front of the windows, watching the city moving on Houston Street. The quality of the espresso is above average but not outstanding. The flavor and texture seem flat, compared to other places completely devoted to coffee.

Nonetheless, the overall experience is good and worth of a review: the service is efficient and polite, the look&feel of the place is modern and pleasant, and – most importantly – the pastries are baked on the premises. The scent of the freshly baked croissants and pan-au-chocolat spreads across the minimal tables, inviting you to enhance the coffee and chocolate experience with a guilty addition of carbs and butter.

It is hard – impossible for me, actually – to resist this temptation.


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