Rice Pudding @ Rice to Riches

37 Spring Street, New York, NY 

There was a time when rice pudding was a rather boring dessert. The texture was uncertain: in some cases too creamy, in others it was like having an overcooked sweet risotto. Also the flavors were a concern: natural flavors seemed too light and almost absent; artificial flavors where fake and overwhelming.

Rice to Riches improved my problematic relationship with rice pudding. The whole experience at the Nolita store is designed to be funny and pleasant. The signs on the walls will draw more than one smile, and the rice pudding on the counter tops will increase your calories intake. There is nothing you can do to avoid both events to happen.

The minimilistic and clean design of the store, is replicated also in the carefully designed cups and the spoons. Despite all the interest in the colorful and oval shaped cups, their content is what matters the most. Let’s take a dive into it!

There are plenty of choices: at any given time you can choose among ten flavors or more.

The fruit flavors are the most delicate: raspberry and coconut are the favorite so far (there a few more flavors to try, though). The “pastry-shop” flavors are rich and incredibly close to the “real thing”. The cheesecake rice pudding is an interesting experience. Some flavors, like pineapple or banana walnut, tend to be more overwhelming in terms of sweetness: it is better to share them and avoid an overload of sugar.

It is nice to go there with friends, try different flavors and find those you like the most. Rest assured that you will find something that delights your palate.


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